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Applied for water where classical purification systems become insufficient (seawater, well water with high conductivity etc.), separating all undesirable minerals from water, membrane filtration transaction devoted to pure water provision is called REVERSE OSMOSIS

Reverse osmosis (RO) is a filtration method that removes many types of large molecules and ions from solutions by applying pressure to the solution on one side of a selective membrane forcing only the small water molecules through the membrane becoming purified or permeate water. Membrane surface is always kept clean and unplugged by ‘Cross Flow’ operation that happens inside membrane element. By means of ‘Cross Flow’,
while some liquids (element water) pass through membrane, some liquid (intensive water) move parallel to membrane surface, so protect others to stick to membrane. This process enables much more qualified water compared with other filtration systems

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AQUA TB trading is one of the largest manufacturers for various types of Reverse Osmosis Plant like Brackish water Treatment Plants, Sea Water desalination treatment plant, TSE water polishing Plant. AQUA TB is a specialized company in outdoor and indoor containerized & non containerized RO plant that provides information, technical assistance and marker research over products and / or markets for business clients or special Projects. Our actual and wide extensive international network of specialists in Ro provides the technical support,quality and alternative solution for our clients.

MBR 100 M3/Day

Automation systems of MBR system and equipment’s in containers, 100 m3/day, Aeration tank, Anoxic Tank X 1 set

Ro 650 M3/Day

Automation system of reverse osmosis system and equipment’s in containers, 650 m3/day X4 set 55m3/hr. Degasifer system X 2set ,

RO 20,000 M3 / Day

Automation Systems of RO 20,000 system and equipment’s 5,000 m3/day x 4 set

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Where We Build Your Visions

sewage treatment plant

It is the process of removing contaminants from wastewater and household sewage, both affluent and domestic. Wastewater from flushing the toilet, bathing, cleaning sink, and general regular goes down the drain and into a pipe, which joins a large sewer pipe under the road. The larger pipe also joins a major pipe that leads to the treatment canter.

This is the final stage of water treatment. Itraises the ef­ fluent quality to the desired level before it is reused, recy­ cled or discharged to the environment. It is involved membrane filtration process which allows the clean water to pass the other side.Along with these many pro­ cesses in the last, it followed by UV treatment to leave it disinfected. It ensures water quality and does not pro­ duce any disinfection by-products.

The water treatment process is followed by aeration lanes. It is treated by pumping air into the tank that encourages bacteria to break down the tiny bits of sludge that escaped the sludge scrapping process.

It involves the separat ion of organic solids matter from the wastewater. It removes floating and settles able material such as suspended solids and organic matter. It involves both physical and chemical treatment.


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