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Both Google Meet and Zoom let you set a meeting so that participants join without using their video cameras. If you will have a lot of. A Zoom account is not required if you are strictly joining Zoom Meetings as a participant. If someone invites you to their meeting, you can join as a. Note: If you also require registration for your meeting or webinar.

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It’s simple to make sure that your audio and video stay off when you first join a meeting. In Zoom’s Preferences menu, make sure to check the box next to Mute audio when joining a meeting and Turn off my video when joining a meeting boxes.

It’s the year You’re running for president. Everything is looking great—until the New York Times leaks an embarrassing Zoom recording from As more people use Zoom, concerns about illicit recordings have spiked, especially for those whose work involves confidential or proprietary information. Likewise, participants want to know whether what they say will be permanently stored somewhere for posterity. Solution: Ask for permission before you record. By default, only hosts can record Zoom meetings unless they grant other participants the ability to—but participants could still use a third-party tool to record a meeting.

So if you want to record, you should ask for everyone’s permission to record the call. This isn’t just polite; in some states, it’s illegal to record conversations without everyone’s consent. You can also tweak your Zoom settings to prevent other participants from recording the meeting locally.

It’s also good to remember that, much like in real life, nothing you do on the internet is ever truly private. Be considerate and kind when talking to and about others, and think before you speak. Zoom is no less of a real workplace than a physical meeting room in an office, and the same professional standards apply.

Recently, it came to light that if you send a private chat message to another Zoom meeting participant, the transcript will still be downloaded when someone saves the chatlogs locally. Solution: Don’t say anything in a private Zoom chat that you wouldn’t say publicly. If you really need to have a private conversation during a Zoom call, do it on your team chat app.

But remember, anyone can leak your private chats, so you should always be careful what you let the internet have. Still not convinced Zoom is for you? There are plenty of Zoom alternatives available. Related reading:. How to win at Zoom backgrounds. When you should mute yourself during video calls? Hannah Herman is a copywriter and native New Yorker. She’s written extensively on automation, but her real jam is creative, catchy taglines.

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Search apps…. Log in. Sign up. Home Productivity App tips App tips 5 min read. Related reading: 10 tips and tricks for Zoom How to win at Zoom backgrounds When you should mute yourself during video calls?

Get productivity tips delivered straight to your inbox. App tips Do you need a customer engagement platform? Do you need a customer engagement platform? App tips A freelancer’s simple project management template for Notion A freelancer’s simple project management App tips 7 Crowdcast tips for better lead generation 7 Crowdcast tips for better lead generation. Improve your productivity automatically. Zoom is working hard to offer many integrations to have more productive meetings. Upcoming Zoom integrations include Trello, Slack, and Miro.

On paid plans, Google Meet can support up to people. With Zoom, you can get the Large Meetings add-on to increase capacity to 1, participants. If you will meet one-on-one or with small groups, both platforms can work well for you. But if you want the option to host a very large event, Zoom will be a better fit. Google Meet limits free one-on-one meetings to 24 hours at a time.

Group meetings with at least three participants can only go for 1 hour. Google Meet offers a minimalist and clean user interface. Zoom’s user interface is also straightforward, with not a ton of added features in the app. Each platform provides additional benefits for its users to make their experiences more seamless. Google offers a real-time captions button so users can see a transcription of every word that’s being said during the meeting.

At this time, you can use captions for English worldwide. If you’re in the European or Asia Pacific regions, you can have captions in:. Keep in mind if you record the video call that the captions will not appear on the recorded video. Read more on How to record a Zoom meeting. Press the button during a video call to turn on the captions feature and select your language.

There also is a profanity filter. Zoom also offers a close-caption or transcription feature. This can be provided through:. There are limitations with Zoom’s transcription service.

It only supports English and isn’t always accurate. The volume of the speaker’s voice, background noise, and various dialects can affect the accuracy.

The app will automatically detect the amount of lighting mobile users have, enabling users to turn on low light mode within five seconds of joining a call.

For Zoom, users have to go into their settings to enable their video to adjust for low light. You can set it to:. Google Meet allows users to change their backgrounds before or during a video call.

You can blur your background or upload your own image for your background. Click on your image of yourself when you’re in a meeting to change your background. With Zoom, you can add an image or video as your background. To change your background, you’ll need to go into your account settings to choose from one of Zoom’s pre-uploaded images or to select your own.

If you’re an administrator on a group account, you can change the background of all members in a group. Google Meet makes it easier for users to change their background by being able to do so from within the meeting. Zoom adds in an extra step with participants having to go into their settings, but allows more options and control. It’s important to note that the hand raise feature is only available in certain Google Workspace editions , like Education Fundamentals and G Suite Business.

Whether you’re using Google Meet for distance learning or a work meeting, participants can easily raise their hand when they have a question. Either the moderator or the participant can lower their hand once their question has been addressed. In the latest versions of Zoom, participants can raise or lower their hands under the “reactions” feature. Hosts will get notifications that someone has raised their hands and can unmute their mic when it’s time for them to speak.

However, meeting hosts can disable this feature. Both Google Meet and Zoom have emoji reactions. In Google Meet, participants are able to set the skin tone of their emojis.

Administrators can control what emojis participants can choose from. In the desktop version of Zoom, participants can also select the skin tone of their emojis. The emojis will disappear after 10 seconds.

With both Google Meet and Zoom, meeting moderators and hosts can disable the emoji feature. All non-verbal feedback can be removed by the host or participant. While general features are important when comparing Zoom vs. Google Meet, security features are also vital. Zoom and Google Meet use encryption to protect your video calls.

Encryption requires a digital security key to read or view the information you encrypt. By encrypting your calls, you can speak with your clients or teammates about confidential matters.

Zoom lets you create a password when you set up a meeting. It also gives you a unique meeting number to differentiate your meeting from other meetings.

With Google Meet, hosts can get a digit meeting code that you can use to restrict access. You can give the password or code to people who you allow to join. That way, you can keep random people from getting into the meeting. If someone happens to share the meeting information with an unauthorized participant, that participant won’t be able to get in. While you can start meetings without a password or code, you can make your meeting more vulnerable.

Even a simple password with Zoom can be enough to restrict access. Zoom and Google Meet also let you restrict when people can join the meeting. With Zoom, you can use a waiting room to hold people before you let them in. People can go into the waiting room , and you can let in the people you want. Google Meet lets you restrict how early guests can join a meeting, so no one can join more than 15 minutes before the start time.

You can make sure to be available a bit before the meeting starts to let people in. Restricting when people can join is useful when you have private, back-to-back meetings.


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