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How to start a zoom meeting with a host key – none:.How to Use Your Host Key in Zoom


The Host Key is provided for starting meetings and claiming host controls using the Zoom client, for phone conferencing, or using an H. In Zoom audio-only meetings, it allows the meeting host or other participant who knows the Host Key to start the meeting by entering the 6-digit pin when prompted by the Auto Attendant.

After entering the Host Key on a conference call, the meeting will start and others will be able to join as participants. The host of the meeting will have host controls available to them.

It can also be used on the Zoom desktop application by selecting “Participants” and “Claim Host” to reclaim host controls when not signed in. For assistance, contact the IS Service Desk. Search Articles. Where do I locate my Zoom Host key? Where do I find my Zoom Host key? How do I change my Zoom Host key? When using PAC meetings any participant that knows the key can start the conference. The only thing they need to do is enter the code when prompted.

At that point, the meeting starts and all other attendees can come along as participants. Of course, the host is in control and can use the dial pad. To join a meeting via an H. Anyway, these are the things you need to know. For example, it might look something like this: … [email protected]. So, the example would look like this: [email protected]. Note: The last full-stop after. The string example might look like this: And if there is a password, the template is a bit bigger. Finally, the example string with a password looks like this: Who usually hosts the Zoom meetings you attend?

Not all host control features, such as meeting locks and cloud recordings, are available. See Join Before Host for detailed configuration instructions.

Note: For meetings that also use a waiting room , consider the option of bypassing the waiting room so that users who are allowed to enter the room are not absent. A way to pre-specify who will run the meeting on your behalf instead of the host.

Both the host and the alternate host must be licensed users. Also , the users that can be specified are limited to users in the same tenant.


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