Reverse Osmosis Systems

Standard Features

Automatic Inlet Valve 5 Micron Sediment Pre-filter Thin Film Composite (TFC) Membranes SST Multistage Pump, Motor,and Starter FRP Pressure Vessels Powder Coat Frame NEMA 12 Control Panel Automated Controls Feed/Product Conductivity Monitor Product/Concentrate Flow meters Panel Mounted Instruments and Indicator Lamps High Product Pressure Protection Low Pump Suction Pressure Protection SST Pressure Gauges Pre and Post Operation Flush Pretreatment Lockout Pump Discharge ,Reject Throttle Valves Sample Valves Low Pressure Piping is Sch. 80 PVC High Pressure Piping Sch. l O 304SS Reject Recycle Loop Factory Performance Tested.

Superior Quality:

The SD Series reverse osmosis systems from Progressive Water Treatment, Inc. (PWT) are designed to provide the end-user with superior water quality for the application at hand. Each project is approached with the goal of providing the best quality water at the best possible price, without cutting corners when it comes to the quality of components .

Exceptional Performance:

Each system is equipped with quality components designed to perform for years to come. All skids are powder coated for   resistance. Protection for the major components involving the highest cost to are protected on every system. No matter what your  PWT’s SD Series RO Systems will provide the Superior Quality and Exceptional Performance you expect for your project.

Available Options:

Chemical Feed Systems Media Filtration (Carbon, Multi-Media, Iron Removal,etc.) Water Softening Pre or Post treatment Instrumentation Brand Options and Upgrade to PLC HMI (Human Machine Interface) Soft Start or Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) for pump control Automated Reject Valve Product Water Divert valve PH Monitor/Controller Clean In Place System