How to change screen name in zoom permanently

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How to Change Your Name On Zoom

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How to change screen name in zoom permanently

Read on as we explain how to do so on PC or Mac. When you visit this site, it may store or retrieve information on your browser, mostly in the form of cookies. Being one of the most flexible and easy-to-use video meeting apps on the market, Zoom allows you to change your name during a meeting too. So if you aren’t seeing the option to update your name, that could be one explanation.


– How to Change Your User Name in Zoom


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– Change your Zoom display name on PC and Android |


But, it will direct you to a web browser to rap things up. After completing the above steps, you are all set.

The username you typed is the one displayed in the meeting, so choose it wisely. It can be anything you want it to be. You can easily change your name before a meeting using the Zoom app installed on Android or iOS. The steps are the same for both operating systems. Being one of the most flexible and easy-to-use video meeting apps on the market, Zoom allows you to change your name during a meeting too. What is more, you can change it on any device and platform at any given moment.

Click Edit my Profile. Click Edit next to your name. Change the name under Display Name to your chosen name. Scroll down and click Save. Your name has now been successfully changed across all meetings.

If you regularly use the Zoom app on your smartphone, the process to change your name is a little different. Tap Settings. Tap Display Name. Tap your first and last name to change them individually. Tap Save. Your Display Name has now been successfully changed. If you’re mid-meeting and you realize you want to change your name, you’ll need to do so through slightly different options than before joining a meeting. Read on as we explain how to do so on PC or Mac.

Depending on how the meeting is set up, you may need to wait for the host to approve your change of name. Tap Participants. Hover over your name on the participants list. Click More. Click Rename. Enter the name you desire then click Rename. The latter is what you’ll display for other users in a meeting. From the same page, you can also update things like your pronouns, job title, location, and company.

Click your profile icon , located in the top-right corner of the window. Select My Profile from the dropdown menu — this will prompt a pop-up window to open. Open the app iOS , Android and log into your account, if needed. Select Settings , located on the bottom-right corner of the screen. You can also change your name after a meeting has already started on the desktop or mobile app.

Just keep in mind that if you’re going through the website, you will be redirected to use the desktop app in which case you would simply continue on from step two :. Select Participants , located in the bottom toolbar of the meeting window. Hover over your name and select More desktop , or tap your name mobile. Enter your desired name and click Rename desktop or Done mobile. You should know that meeting hosts can turn off the option to update your name after the meeting has begun.

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