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Do you need to attend? Which of the two is more important to participate in. Is it better to join and leave, decline, or not show up? The best thing is to decline politely to retain great working relationships.

Doing this as soon as possible can save any angst from the meeting participants. If you inevitably get some conflicts, the next option is to decline. Again HBR has great research on ways to decline a meeting politely.

Declining with a reason. Being tactful is another skill when it comes to managing conflicting meetings with two remote jobs. Sometimes last min requests are unavoidable with two remote jobs.

If all else fails and you need to attend a meeting, here are some excuses if you need to drop from a live meeting. We would not recommend that whatsoever. Utilize the first half and back half of the meeting blocks to traffic light your availability during a scheduling conflict:. Here are some tips if you need to attend two meetings at the same time. We do not recommend it. It is a developed skill to juggle 2 meetings at the same time. Multitasking has been scientifically researched to not exist.

Our brains switch context from one steam to another quickly but can not process 2 things at the same time. One strategy is to use text transcripts.

Some video conferencing programs allow for live transcriptions, including Teams and Google Meet. With these live transcriptions, you are skimming for the general topic discussion and be on the lookout for your needed participation. On the other hand, you are listening to the audio from your other meeting.

To prevent accidental speaking in the wrong meeting, utilize the push to talk function. Should you need to drop a conference, mid-meeting here are some excuses. If you intend to drop a meeting, consider only dialing in with your mobile phone. Things like cutting people off on the highway so you can get back on video at home ASAP.

Depending on the type of work and seniority level, these strategies mentioned above may not be applicable. Let us know some of your strategies to handle meeting conflicts in the comments section below.

Also, thanks to our Discord Community for contributing to some of these ideas. Join the community to learn more about how you can double your income by working two remote jobs. Two pairs of apple ear pods goes a long way. This way, one has the ability to attend each meeting while mitigating the risk of a hot mic. One can now turn in the camera without causing suspicion. This is only useful if attention is minimally required.

Did you know you can actually split your Airpods? What the hell can I do in this situation and how is this NOT illegal??? I do tend to attend two meetings simultaneously and utilise that if you have split one into two then you can see and be seen in both — only going off camera when I have to speak in another meeting.

Also — even though you can hear both channels — nobody else can. Working two jobs is not an option, or an ambition, for me yet but managing the calendar to stay productive and sane is a key skill.

No doubt, multi-tasking should be avoided. There may be times during a Zoom meeting when you want to give feedback on an idea. Or a presenter is using an amusing Zoom avatar that has made you laugh—and you want to give a reaction to it.

However, you want to give feedback without speaking or chatting so that you won’t interrupt the presenter and disrupt the flow of the meeting. Instead, if the meeting organizer has enabled non-verbal feedback and meeting reactions, you can choose an emoji or icon to send your feedback. Let’s see how. So all you need to do is on your PC or phone is:. Expressing yourself through reactions and providing non-verbal feedback is a matter of a couple of clicks on your Windows, macOS, or Linux PC.

Let’s see how:. By default, the meeting reactions have a yellow skin tone. Moreover, your meeting reactions will be seen by all participants and will appear for 10 seconds on your video panel before automatically disappearing.


How to Schedule Multiple Meetings in Zoom.Zoom conferencing | eSolutions

If you inevitably get some conflicts, the next option is to decline.


UW-Madison Zoom – Frequently Asked Questions.

Purpose: Users can enable the Zoom feature ”join different meetings simultaneously on desktop”, allowing them to participate in multiple meetings at the same time. The first meeting may be joined from the Zoom desktop application as usual, then the following meetings must be joined from a zoom link or through the “Join a meeting” option on the ASU Zoom website at . Oct 28,  · your own ability to juggle watching, listening to, and muting/unmuting yourself in multiple meetings; Concurrent meetings as a host. You can host up to two Zoom meetings at a time. To do so you must: be the original host (the creator) of both meetings; be the one to start both meetings; not be an alternative host in either meeting; You cannot host more than two . Aug 19,  · Concurrent means the same user hosting more than one meeting at the same time. Every user on your account can host their own meeting at the same time, but none of them can have two or more active meetings assigned to the same user at the same time unless they have the add-on license for concurrent meetings. If this has answered your question, please .


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