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Top 10 cities serviced by Armstrong ; Meadville, PA, Mbps, 25 Mbps, Fiber Internet, Cable Internet and DSL Internet ; Struthers, OH, Mbps, 25 Mbps, Fiber. Armstrong speed test service is offered by myspeedcheck. This service will check your download and upload internet speed. Download speed is measured by. Armstrong is really the only true broadband provider in the eastern part of Lawrence county and it’s service and up-time can’t be beat. Speeds of up to fifty.


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22 rows · Armstrong Zoom Speed Test – Check Your Armstrong Zoom Connection Speed . Armstrong offers several Zoom Internet plans, featuring download speeds ranging from up to 12 Mbps to up to Mbps. What is the fastest Internet speed Armstrong can provide? Armstrong’s fastest speeds are available through their Zoom IV plan, which features download speeds up to Mbps, and upload speeds up to 25 Mbps. Choose the Zoom Internet service level that’s right for you! View Armstrong Zoom Internet speeds and pricing.


How fast is armstrong zoom internet – how fast is armstrong zoom internet:. Armstrong Internet Plans


So while Armstrong may have higher pricing than select providers around the US, it very well may offer the best value compared to what’s actually available in your area. The good news about Zoom plans and pricing is that there isn’t much else inflating the overall cost — so long as you stay within your monthly data limit. Wi-Fi equipment is included at no extra cost with Zoom, Zoom II and Zoom Extreme, and all plans feature whole-home coverage with simple monitoring and control using the Plume HomePass app.

Plume Wi-Fi isn’t the most advanced mesh Wi-Fi system , but it’ll get the job done, especially considering that free monthly rental fee. You also won’t have to worry about installation fees or the risk of an early termination fee as Zoom plans are contract-free.

Now onto the data caps. With the exception of Zoom Extreme, all plans come with a data cap. You’ll have the lowest data allowance, GB, with Zoom Express. That may be tough to reach with max speeds of just 25Mbps, but if you do a lot of streaming, it’s certainly possible.

That’s more than enough for the average home, which used an average of GB per month in If you do exceed your data limit, expect a potentially hefty fee on your next bill. Again, going over 1TB is uncommon for most households, and there likely just isn’t enough speed and bandwidth to exceed GB in a month with Zoom Express, but you’ll want to keep an eye on your monthly data usage just the same.

Before paying for extra data, you may want to just put that money toward upgrading to Zoom Extreme, which comes with unlimited data, not to mention faster speeds. As mentioned above, Armstrong isn’t the cheapest cable internet provider, but it’s not priced drastically higher than other cable ISPs, and may even be cheaper than some leading providers, like Cox.

Chances are, you won’t have the option of Armstrong or other cable internet providers, save for maybe Spectrum, which shares a few service areas with Armstrong. Given the option of the two, my vote would go to Spectrum for its faster speed tiers, unlimited data and better overall value. If so, I’d recommend considering them first. That’s nothing against Armstrong, but you’ll get a faster, more reliable and probably cheaper connection with fiber-optic service compared to cable internet.

While fiber service may be offered in your area, it’s possible that DSL is the only other wired connection available at your address. And, just the same as fiber is preferable to cable internet, cable will be preferable to DSL in most cases. Then, there are wireless connections like satellite and 5G.

If your choice comes down to Armstrong or satellite, a quick look at the plans is all it will take to realize Armstrong is the better choice by far. On the other hand, 5G home internet service from providers like T-Mobile and Verizon may be a viable alternative.

All of this is to say, don’t assume Armstrong is the only option for internet in your area. There are a variety of providers with differing, or even the same, connection types in many Armstrong service areas, so you always want to be sure to explore your internet options.

Armstrong may prove to the best provider for your home, or not — it all depends on your needs and what’s available. The two big sources of customer satisfaction data for internet service providers, American Customer Satisfaction Index and J.

Power, don’t provide specific information on Armstrong, unfortunately, so it’s tough to get an overall sense of what customers think of its Zoom internet service. Customer reviews on the site give Armstrong a 1. Of the current 10 complaints closed in the last year, most are in regard to cable television or billing issues, not necessarily internet service or performance, though there are understandably a couple of complaints related to Armstrong’s data cap policy.

As for service reliability, downdetector. Of course, Armstrong doesn’t have the same customer base as, say, Xfinity or Spectrum, so the number of reported outages will be drastically lower, but I don’t see any overwhelming red flags that would indicate Armstrong internet customers frequently experience service outages.

Zoom internet speeds are average maybe even below average for a cable internet service , and pricing is a bit on the high side, so Armstrong wouldn’t be my first overall choice for internet service.

That said, it wouldn’t be my last choice, either, particularly if faced with DSL or satellite as my only other internet options. Yes, Armstrong is a bit expensive, but the speeds are serviceable for most home internet use and the free equipment and installation takes a bit of the sting off the price — just be sure to stay under that data cap. The service comes with necessary Wi-Fi equipment for whole-home coverage, built-in online security features and control and monitoring via the Plume HomePass.

Armstrong does offer fiber-to-the-premises internet connections in select areas. According to the FCC , fiber internet is currently available to around 8. The vast majority of Armstrong service areas still use a coaxial, cable internet network. We handpick the products and services we write about. If you buy through our links, we may get a commission. Reviews ethics statement How we test ISPs. Home Home Internet. David Anders. April 20, p. David Anders Senior Writer. See at Armstrong.

Armstrong reserves the right to change its prices and fees at any time, with or without notice to You. If Armstrong chooses to provide notice of a change in prices or fees, such notice may be posted on the Website or another Armstrong owned or controlled website or maybe provided to you in hard or soft copy. Enjoy the variety of over channels with Armstrong Television Plus.

Cable TV offers a crisp picture, great sound and reliability, at the right price. Best of all if you miss a show, chances are it is On Demand to catch up on your TV shows.

Armstrong TV from Armstrong Utilities is a winning choice. Armstrong Zoom Internet download speeds are up to Mbps. Stream movies, chat all night, shop, email, even online gaming is fun with Armstrong Cable Internet at Mbps. You don’t need to concern yourself with data with a full Terabyte allowance of every month. Email features will keep you organized with calendars, task lists and multiple address books. If you are firing up to 6 devices at a time, you should be good to go all at the same time.

Security is included for all 6 of your computers, if you have that many. Skip to main content. Bundle Plans. Call to order Armstrong Utilities: Starting at:. Special offer, call now:. Service For:. Bundled Services:. Adding more data is available. Can I use my own modem? The use of your own modem is not possible due to technological configuration at this time. Guards against identity theft.

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